Nathalie Benoit – Podcast Host, writer, reader promoter of Literature

Natalie Benoit

Natalie runs the site Les Cantons de lettres, the site for lovers of literature and creative writing  devoted to the pleasure of writing and reading as a hobby.  Her podcast (in French) can be found here She joins Jesse to discuss her love of music and literature.

Mike Derrico host of Rock Under Fire podcast

Mike Derrico is a freelance writer, rock and pop culture historian & host of the Rock Under Fire podcast. His second book and first novel The Locker Notes is now available.  We discuss podcasting, his writing and music of course.

Miranda Young, Ghostbiker, History, Highways & Haunts

Miranda Young (Ghost Biker) has always been interested in the paranormal and loves to explore the world from her motorcycle. She has merged her two loves, with her business partner she runs a true crime museum & paranormal research center in a haunted jail in East Tennessee. Music is her other passion, especially hair rock bands.

Syya Yasotornrat Podcast Strategist, Producer, Pod

Syya Yasotornrat @IamSYaso is a Podcast Strategist, Producer and overall Podcast Fanatic. She is a life long fan of indie bands and has a collection of over 300 concert T-Shirts.  She and Jesse had a great conversation about almost a wide variety of topics!  In fact we had so much fun that the conversation was split into two parts.

Mike Appel – Producer, Song writer, Manager part 1

Mike Appel is one of the founder fathers of the E Street Nation.  In a candid discussion of his life pre and post Bruce, Mike shares his journey with Jesse over the next two episodes. 



Sean Rowley Disc Jockey, Guilty Pleasure Host – Ladies Sing the Boss

Sean Rowley @GuiltyPleasures joins Jesse to share his story & to discuss the new release from Ace Records Ladies Sing the Boss, a collection of Springsteen covers performed by femaly artists including Darlene Love, Deana Carter, Lucinda WilliamsBettye Lavette & many more.